.jGGi:        .,jDDi                                           
                                  .,GL:                 iDL.                                        
                                 ,Dj.         ...         .LL..                                     
                                Lf     .tfDEEGLfLGDEDLt     :Dt.                                    
                              ,D: ..;GDf,,G          G;fDG, . tG .                                  
                             tD  .fDi     E          D   .tDj .:D.                                  
                            tL .DG.       G.         G.     ,Dj .E:                                 
                           if.jD,         t;        ,t        iD, D.                                
                          :D.Dt .         .f        j,         .Gj:G.                               
                          E,D:             D        D            jfit                               
                         jiE               D        D             jLD                               
                        .DD.               G.       D              tjL                              
                        jD:.               L:      .G              .GD.                             
                        Df                 i,      .f              ..Ej                             
                        E                  ;i      .j                fD                             
                       tf                  ,t      ,t                .D                             
                       D.                  :j      ;i                 D:                            
                       E                   :j      ;i                 ft                            
                       D                   ,j      ;i                 tj                            
                      .;                   ,t      ,t                 :,                            
                                           i;      :j                                               
                                           f:      .L                                               
                                           G.       D                                               
                                           D        D                                               
                                           G        G.                                              
                                           D        D.                                              
                                           L:       G                                               
                                           ,f      ti                                               
                                            D      D                                                
                                            L.     D                                                
                                            ;t    ,j                                                
                                            .G    f:                                                
                                             D    D                                                 
                                             D    D                                                 
                                             L.   G                                                 
                                             t,   f                                                 
                                             ii  :j                                                 
                                             ,t  ,t                                                 
                                             ,j  ,;                                                 
                                             ,t  ,t                                                 
                                             ;i  ,j                                                 
                                             t,   L                                                 
                                             L.   G                                                 
                                             E    E                                                 
                                          .  D    L.                                                
                                          it,j    it;f                                              

A knife, approximately eight inches long, used in parchment-making to scrape the skin to its desired thinness, which in some cases was as extreme as 0.1 or 0.2 millimeters. More a Medieval tool than a modern one, obviously. The lunellum was held almost perpendicular to the skin and required a deft hand to wield — one slip and it could striate or even gouge the surface.

Its name, Latin for "little moon", describes its crescent-like shape. It was also sometimes called a lunelarium.

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