Looking at apartments, one building gave me a copy of their credit guidelines, which stated:

Applicants with outstanding debt exceeding $3,000 dollars will be denied.

It didn't give any examples, or even mention an income-to-debt ratio, this tells me that anyone who is buying a car would be unable to rent at this place. I thought this was funny, so I asked around by what "outstanding debt" meant. Everyone I polled seemed to think it meant how much you owed to your various creditors. (I could see if outstanding debt meant something like collections against you, but that never seemed to be include din the response from anyone I talked to, albiet I did not talk to a credit official).

I bring home more then $3000 a month, I think i should be allowed to be in debt a little bit more than that, as long as I'm making my payments and all...

Just caught me off guard.

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