These are those commercials that feature compilations of music from certain time periods and genres. In the course of one night it is possible to see commercials from 60's music to mob music to romantic crap to porn soundtracks. Well maybe not the last one but the others are on about 3 times a night at least.

They often feature oddly dressed people who are supposed to represent the people who listened to the music. Hippies for 60's music. Afro/polyester equipped men for disco. Lovers in a candlelit dinner for romantic hits. Most of the time these people look totally ridiculous. So much so that you wonder whether they do this to draw your attention.

Another thing most of these commercials feature is the idea that "if you like this we'll charge you more money and send you more of this crap". That's right. You can get more of your favorite religious hits for more small monthly payments.

Like infomercials there are too many of these commercials. Of course it becomes obvious that someone is buying these CDs or else you wouldn't see so many of thse commercials.

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