It's a crazy thing, to be hysterically laughing so hard you literally lose control of yourself. It's invigorating, healthy, and can even be a little scary at the time when you become aware that you literally can't make yourself stop. Tears are streaming down your face, part of you becomes conscious of the fact that others may be watching you look ridiculous but that only makes it worse. Its contagious. Sometimes the littlest occurances can cause this.

A good friend and I were sitting together on a bench at night, wallowing in our respective miseries over recent break-ups and letting the fact that we were both down make each of us all the more depressed. Suddenly, as we were hanging our heads in ridiculous self-pity, a random woman staggered past us, struggling with an enormous vacuum cleaner. She was a small, plump lady and the vacuum was one of those older, lime green seventies models, immensely heavy and almost as tall as she was. The cord was dangling awkwardly behind her and she kept jerking her back in an attempt to swing the cord up over her shoulder, to no avail. She came out of nowhere, passed by us for a few seconds in this manner, and then disappeared around a corner. For some reason, the sight was so god damn amusing to us at the time that we became hysterical and couldn't get a handle on ourselves for a good ten minutes.

Another time this happened, I was riding in another friend's car and we pulled to a stop at a red light. For no reason in particular, we both happened to glance over at the car next to us. It contained four almost identical-looking expressionless Korean businessmen, all of whom slowly and calculatedly turned their heads and looked back at us simultaneously, maintaining their blank faces. We completely lost it, god only knows why. It was just so unexplainably hilarious, I am cracking up now just thinking about it as I write this.

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