The lob pitch is the shot of choice when one needs to land a golf ball softly on the green, and has more rough than green to work with. Use a lob wedge, and place the hands even with the ball or just slightly ahead. Place the ball in the center of the stance or just slightly behind.

Swing with full extension along the plane formed between your shoulders and the ball. Try to achieve a whippy, sweeping strike at the bottom of the swing, and follow through completely. Do NOT hit down on the ball with a descending blow. The ball will fly out incredibly softly. Depending on the level of the whip induced and the ball/hand position, the ball will either roll a bit, stop upon impact with the green, or back up. Playing balata helps a great deal with the backing up part, although U-groove lob wedges do a lot of damage to a golf ball while they work their magic.

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