Oh, I don't mind what's happening lately, you know

I just thought I might tell you at some point, like writing letters in the back of your heart

hide them in your cupboard, place them under your pillow, tuck them in behind the steps of your soul

Oh, I can tell you think you're alone there inside yourself

when you turn to me and try to push your glasses between us, but I still ask you to take them off

and out comes flowing the vision of a beautifully raging ocean, diving deeper and shouting louder

don't you know already? I got the words on the tip of my tongue

I got the words on my lips, dancing for you, oh, don't you know

Can't you see me, all glory and light through your hands, coming towards you with open arms

Oh, I don't mind that we'll wait, that you need the time I do not know how to ask for

but I'm yours. I'm all yours

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