This morning, when I was awoken by the fire alarm of the neighboring dorm at 1:30AM (which lasted for about twenty minutes), I wondered if someone could go insane from long exposure to blaring alarms (long being defined as twenty minutes). I do know that when we are born, humans have two fears: 1. The fear of loud noises. 2. The fear of falling. I also began to wonder if exposed to an environment of flashing lights would have similar effects. Also, what would a combination of lights and sirens do? Who would stand to be tested in such a way? And if one was born in such an environment, would they be effected by it, or would they simply come to accept it, as we accept silence. Would this person be alerted by silence and lack of lights? But, it would be very inhuman to submit a human to this lifestyle. But then the sirens stopped, so I went back to sleep.

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