Also leocrotta and leucrotta:

Animal with legs of a stag, cloven feet, head of a badger, and neck, breast and tail of a lion. Its mouth runs ear to ear with plates of bone instead of teeth. It is swifter than any other animal and is rumored to talk like a human.

I don't know where the mythology originally came from, the first time I saw one was in a good old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons book.

The last time I saw one it was killing my samurai in Nethack. As to the rumor that it talks, it didn't say anything to me, but it was probably too busy biting and kicking me to say much. Or perhaps being struck by lightning from Mjollnir causes one to lose interest in conversation.

I can confirm the swiftness thing, though. I tried to run, I tried to teleport. A leucrocotta is very swift, if not chatty.

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