Kuruma is the the colloquial Japanse word for "car", these days. There are three kanji with a Japanse reading kuruma: The first grade level 車 (car), and the two rarer 輅 (carriage) and 俥 (an abbreivation of sorts for the three kanji word jinrikisha which literally translates "man powered cart"). Hence kuruma really has a meaning more like "whatever form of wheeled transportation is the norm". The evidence for this meaning is also demonstrated by the kanji's use in compounds like jidousha (自動車, automobile) and jitensha (自転車, bicycle). I think it's also interesting to note here that the Japanse have a word aisha (愛車) for one's beloved car. The radical itself is the ancient Chinese pictogram for cart, che (pinyin che1).

I used unicode html entities for the kanji so all you should need are the fonts. Here's why.

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