An icky goo used on the base of nordic skis to allow them to grip whilst moving along flat terrain or uphill. The most interesting thing about klister is the difference between it's co-efficient of static friction and sliding friction. In static conditions, klister sticks quite solidly to snow, but in sliding conditions (i.e. going downhill), the co-efficient is very low.

Never get klister on your clothes, because it will never come out.

That said however, you can use citric acid to dissolve it. This is often used when preparing the base of the ski prior to going skiing.

Klister is most useful in wet snow (that is, snow from about -3ºC and above) and older snow (transformed snow). For new snow and very cold snow, hard wax is usually used instead.

Klister is produced by most of the large wax companies, such as Swix, Toko and Solda.

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