A very basic skateboarding maneuver. It is not really considered a trick in its raw form, though it is used in some basic tricks.

To do a street kickturn simply go into a manual while swiveling your body and leaning the side you want to turn, then finish manualing. This allows you to turn much quicker. If it is a really tight curve try kickturning, putting it back down, kickturning, putting back down etc. in quick succesions.

To do a vert kickturn, as you reach the vert, but before you hit the coping, go into a manual and swivel so that you do a 180. You should go back down the transition in your normal stance (unless you started switch).

Here are ways to use the kickturn for some basic street tricks (easiest to hardest):

  • Tick-Tacking: begin a kickturn, but bring the board down once you have turned it 45 degrees. Immediately start kickturning again in the opposite, direction, bringing the board down once it is at 45 degrees on the other side. Continue to do this. This can be done with the nose for more style.
  • Space Walking: Do as above, but keep it in a manual. In other words, don't let the board go back down or the tail touch the ground. This can also be done with the nose for more style.
  • Tail Rolls: This is alot like Space Walking, but you do not stop at 45 degrees or go the opposite direction. You simply continue to spin round and round while keeping the manual.
  • Nose Rolls: As above, except this is down on your nose. Much, much harder. You must be very proficient in nose manuals to even do a 180 Nose Roll.

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