The inherent contradictions in the capitalist system are revealing in the disgusting capitalist liquid known at ketchup. Only a sick, sick society could have come up with this harardous substance (it was invented in the U.S.A.).

On the one hand, ketchup is the most capitalistic foodstuff, more so than even apple pie (which is too jingoistic to compete). But on the other hand, just look at it! It's RED! The colour of liberal Soviet communist saboteurs! And you actually put that in your mouth?!

The orthodox Marxist poition on this is trivially evident: The contradictions inherent in the system are revealed by this dialectic. Ketchup is the ultimate synthetic expression of the oppression of the American worker by the faceless corporations. It is coloured red so as to penetrate the defences of the workers, convincing them that this life-threatening substance is ideologically sound!

As further evidence (in case you aren't convinced), note how many spellings the word has! Clearly, this is a further attempt to deceive the workers, in order to extract cheaper labour from them:

Finally, note the ominous news: Heinz have introduced green ketchup.

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