Kantjil is the Indonesian name for a very small deerlike animal. Kantjil also is the main character of a number of Malaysian fairytales, in which the storyline always revolves around the fact that Kantjil is smarter than any other animal that might want to eat him, thus making up for his tiny stature.

Kantjil and the Tiger
One day Kantjil was lying on a river bank.
Nearby there was a colorful bird with fantastic feathers.
Then Tiger came along looking for food.

When Tiger saw Kantjil he said "What are you looking at, Kantjil?"
"I am keeping an eye on the crown of Nabi Suliamen" he replied.
"Look at its fantastic colors! Just right for a King."

"Then I am going to try it on" said Tiger.
And he put the bird on top of his head.
Kantjil ran off.
The bird shrieked. It pecked Tigers head and hacked Tigers ears.
Oh how Tiger ran !

"Kantjil en de Tijger" (= Kantjil and the Tiger in Dutch) is also a famous Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam, reputedly the best in The Netherlands, with branches in Rotterdam and Den Haag.

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