A phrase taken from Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

Often used, out of the context of it's origin (which was simply absurd), by politicians when talking of promises made by a political party which are always just about to be fulfilled, but never are. Sort of political vapourware, if you will.

(with regards to hiring Alice as a maid)

`I'm sure I'll take you with pleasure!' the Queen said. `Twopence a week, and jam every other day.'
Alice couldn't help laughing, as she said, `I don't want you to hire ME--and I don't care for jam.'
`It's very good jam,' said the Queen.
`Well, I don't want any TODAY, at any rate.'
`You couldn't have it if you DID want it,' the Queen said. `The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday--but never jam today.'
`It MUST come sometimes to "jam today,"' Alice objected.
`No, it can't,' said the Queen. `It's jam every OTHER day: today isn't any OTHER day, you know.'
`I don't understand you,' said Alice. `It's dreadfully confusing!'

-Lewis Carroll, Through The Looking Glass

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