"Invisigoth" - Real name: Esther Nairn. A brilliant hacker and proponent of immortality through "uploading" human minds onto computer systems.

Nairn, David Markham, and internet pioneer Donald Gelman were involved in the creation of an AI which "escaped" onto the internet. Gelman, however, had devised a "kill switch" virus which would destroy the AI when input from a remote location. After the AI killed Gelman, two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, located Nairn living in a shipping container. Unfortunately, the AI also found her, and the three barely escaped as it destroyed the container (and all of Nairn's boxen) with a particle beam from a DOD satellite.

Upon finding that Markham had tried to "upload" into the AI's storage network, dying in the process, Nairn locked herself into one of the AI's home nodes (a trailer on an abandoned farm) and initiated the upload process just before the AI destroyed the trailer.

"Uploading" certainly seems to be well beyond current human technology, and the nature of the equipment in the trailer remains unknown as it was completely destroyed. However, strange e-mail messages received by three journalists after Nairn's death seem to suggest that she somehow lives on in electronic form, somewhere...

(source: The X-Files, "Kill Switch")

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