A form of sexual orientation; The attraction to people based primarily on their intelligence rather than putting the main focus of weight on gender (or weeding out the people who are not of the gender desired) and secondarily on other qualities, as is the popular way to do things. May be a homosexual intellectsexual, which could easily mean one who is attracted to people with intellects the same or similar to theirs (remember that the word homosexual has no indication of gender, linguistically,) or a heterosexual intellectsexual (perhaps a person who prefers those who are significantly more or less intelligent than they are.)

Homosexual Intellectsexual seems to imply more intelligent about the same kinds of things. This may be based on the Seven (or is it Eight) Intelligences, Myers-Briggs, or whatever. Heterosexual Intellectsexual would then be people intelligent in different ways.

Two iNTp Rational Architects would be HomoIS. An Interpersonal Intelligent and a Intrapersonal Intelligent would be HeteroIS.

Of course, fnordian's definition is equally valid. There might even be a way to fuse the two (three?) into an easily-spoken term or acronym. Any ideas?

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