in-depth, adj.

Detailed; thorough

Example: an in-depth study.

Here's another example of its use from my own life:
Woburn: Hey Steve, how's it going?
Steve: Good, hey I had a date with that Kelly girl last night.
Woburn: Good job dude, how'd it go?
Steve: Hindenberg.
Woburn: Ouch, crash and burn huh? What happened?
Steve: Well, we were at dinner and things were progressing fine, then she began talking about her ex-boyfriend.
Woburn: That's not so bad.
Steve: No, it wouldn't have been if she hadn't gone in-depth as to their sex life.
Woburn: Maybe she was trying to seduce you.
Steve: I thought that at first too, until she got to the story about peanut butter and vaseline.
Woburn: I bet that'd make a good sandwich.
Steve: Apparently, it did for her, the ex, and his roommate.

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