Inline Frame (HTML)

IFRAMES are very similar to normal HTML frames.
But, while normal frames must exist within a frameset, inline frames can exist inside the body of an HTML document, just like an image.
With normal frames, the frameset tag is used to determine the size of its contained frames. Since the inline frame does not have any surrounding frameset, it dictates its own dimensions. The common attributes of an iframe include:

  example value:"myInlineFrame"
  pupose: A name to identifiy the IFRAME

  example value:"
  description: Any URI

  example value:"100" or "25%"
  description: Width can be pixels or percentage

  example value:"50" or "10%"
  description: Height can be pixels or percentage

Example IFRAME Tag

<IFRAME Name="iframe2" Src="" height=80 width=400>

Anything between the opening and closing tags are displayed by browsers that do not support IFRAMES. This content is ignored by browsers that can display IFRAMES.


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