iXL (internet excellence) is a web/multimedia and internet services company based in atlanta.

competitors include sapient, scient, razorfish, and march first.

there are offices all over the u.s.a., as well as in europe and asia, including london and tokyo.

they've created their own "brand" of methodolgy (or rather mythology) called id5

nasdaq:IIXL http://www.ixl.com/

iXL was once a high-flying dot-com consultancy.

iXL no longer exists as an independent entity. In November 2001 iXL and Scient merged and retained the Scient name. Since the merger the company has continued to downsize and does not appear likely to survive as a going concern.

Over the summer of 2002 the combined iXL/Scient operating on the Scient name filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. SBI out of Salt Lake City, UT bought some of the remaining assets by providing a few million dollars of debtor-in-possesion financing.

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