Preferred drink of the salaryman. Not only is it cheap, it also gives a good quick buzz. What else would you expect from an delightful combination of shochu and biiru. The real salaryman drinks his shochu mixed with this beer.

The taste reminds me of shitty watered down beer, but the alcohol percentage from the shochu is what makes me want to drink the Hoppy* brand. Plus the price is just right at the same price as a simple sour.

Hoppy is served proudly in lots of nomiya in the salaryman's paradise, Shinbashi which is located on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo. It can also be found in lots of nomiya where the old guard of the salaryman hang out. I've never heard of anyone besides salaryman drink it, and most people have never even heard of it, unless of course they do most of their drinking in Shinbashi.

* It is actually spelled "HOPPY" on their web page, but on the bottle it is spelled in katakana. I hate romaji!

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