Homonormativity is an academic term used, by analogy with heteronormativity, to describe the process or state by which certain types of homosexual behavior and practitioners come to be viewed both within and without the homosexual community as "normal" homosexuality or "normal" homosexuals.

As certain types of homosexuals or homosexual practice have come to be increasingly accepted in the (Western) world today, some queer activists have grown increasingly concerned that only certain types of homosexual behavior are being normalized while others remain marginalized or perhaps are becoming even more marginalized than before

In particular, some scholars have identified race, gender, and class dimensions to an emerging homonormativity in the Western world, arguing that white, middle-class, male homosexuality that conforms closely to traditional heterosexual gender roles (ie one feminine and one masculine partner) has been excessively normalized at the expense of homosexuality among other races, genders, and classes, or practiced in other configurations of gender roles.

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