According to The Joy of Cooking, hoki is a fish similar in flavor to cod. Unlike cod, though, hoki is indigenous only to New Zealand, and hence is often known as New Zealand Cod. The book does note that hoki is "... not a topflight eating fish."

Personally, I have yet to see hoki served alongside salmon or trout in any restaurants. Instead, it is known by residents of the on-campus dorms at the University of Texas at Austin as the only whole (non- fish stick) fish to be allowed to grace the plastic plates of the Beauford Halbert Jester dining facility. Hoki, as prepared by the culinary craftspersons in the cafeteria, has a taste not unlike cod caught from the East River. This is, of course, from the same people that serve hamburgers made from beef patties shipped in boxes labelled "Grade F meat. Fit for human consumption". Not surprisingly, a few of my comrades once insisted that hoki means "sewer fish" in Korean.

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