I had two sisters to grow up with, one for each end of the jump rope handle. One of our favorite songs was this, the nameless high, low, jolly, pepper, sleepy, salty, high, low... (repeat 'til you trip) - along with Cinderella.

For each word, there was a corresponding jump rope style.

  • High: The jump rope twirled about five inches off the ground, forcing the jumper to jump higher.
  • Low: The jump rope hit the ground, but also swung low enough that you had to crouch to jump without getting hit.
  • Jolly: Jolly people spin in a circle while they jump.
  • Pepper: The rope was twirled super fast.
  • Sleepy: The rope was twirled as slowly as it could be without whacking the jumper.
  • Salty: Salty was my personal favorite - the rope stopped twirling to complete the loop, and was swung back and forth to emulate the waves on the rolling sea.

The actions to go along with the words lasted only as long as the words were sung, and the words were a continuous chant. It sounded very sing song and nearly hypnotic - about 2 counts per word.

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