"Hexpatriot" is a term coined in the book Cherohonkees and Food Court Druids, a book who shares authorage with the famed hipster handbook. Although its inclusion in that book is almost incidental, since the type, if not the word, is a common occurrence.

A "hexpatriot" is an American who derides their own culture, and not having the resources or the will to move to Paris, simply channels their frustration into a constant disparagement (the hex in question) of American culture. Although the book the term comes from profiles a variety of subcultures, many of them seem to be figments of the author's imagination. Not so the hexpatriot, who is a very common type, although perhaps not in the stereotypical strokes painted in the book.

The hexpatriot typically idealizes European culture, and portrays Europe as a land of enlightened people enjoying the benefits of socialism, cinema and a tolerant, enlightened attitude, while portraying Americans as Chauvinist rednecks who live off of pringles. Hexpatriots, of course, have a sliding scale of attitudes and concerns, with some idealizing the supposed sensual lifestyle of France while others idealize the supposed socialism of Sweden. The degree to which they despise American culture also varies.

Hexpatriots annoy me greatly, perhaps even more than the theoretical rednecks they despise so much. Their attitudes are a clear indication of cultural foiling, and show an ignorance of American culture, as well as an ignorance of European culture. Of course, there is a simple response to any and all hexpatriots:
"Silvio Berlusconi"

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