Colorful folkart talismans which may be found adorning barns in Pennsylvania Dutch country. They are usually circular and often radially symetrical like mandala. The following is a list of the more common hex symbols, and their intended meanings:

Central rosette: Wards against adversity and evil.

Eight-petaled flower:Protection against adversity or evil

Six-petaled flower: Romantic love

Twelve-petaled flower: Good fortune all year.

Eight-pointed star or the color green: Abundance and good will

Five-pointed star: Good fortune

One Distlefink (Thistle Finch): Good fortune; happiness

Two Distlefinks: Love and marriage

Hearts or the color red: Love of friends and family

The color blue: Truth, beauty, and spiritual strength

Yellow: The sun; Life

Wavy blue border: Smooth sailing, ease, contentment

Maple leaves: beauty; the seasonal nature of life

Unicorns: Virtue and piety.

Circles: The continuity of life.

Shamrock: Good fortune.


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