Hell Bent is an ambient techno song performed by Kenna. This doesn't have to driving beat as in most techno, instead it sounds like Porcelain by Moby. It's a sort of easy listening song. The video is perhaps the best that I've seen in a while.

The video was all done using claymation, which was done very well. In the beginning, there are four neon colored E.T. looking figures playing on one of those spinning things you would find in a playground. However, that scene was just a dream dreamt up by a gray E.T. figure sitting in a gray apartment. The only color is provided by this door on his stomach. When he opens it up, a bright multi-colored light glows inside of him. This guy is the main character. He rides to work in a bus. The world around him is all drab, all gray. Nothing has color, except for the product that he creates on an assembly line. The product is called Happy. The viewer can easily notice that our main character hates his job. His boss is a very oppessive person, constantly yelling.

Our hero is very sad. He has been working on an invention, but it has never worked. He thinks about it at work instead of working. This is why his boss yells at him all the time. Finally, our guy opens his stomach and puts his hand in front of it. This causes his hand to glow. Somehow, he manages to harness this energy and put it into his invention, a pair of goggles. These goggles allow him to see his world in a new light, literally. Instead of his gray, unfeeling world, he sees a beautiful and colorful world full of excitement.

This invention, called Bliss, goes on the market and is all the rage. The character is hailed as The Greatest Inventor in the World. Now, he is the boss of an assembly line where he yells at his workers.

The final scene has the character sitting in his office looking through his goggles. When he takes them off, his face turns from elation to complete sadness. He opens up the door on his stomach, and there is no more light. As he sits alone with his sadness, a light flickers out of the window. The scene takes us to the source of the light, and the viewer sees the four multi-colored figures on the playground. The scene cuts out and all that is left on the screen is the word "MORE."

2003.5.7@2:58 McCart42 says re Hell Bent - that animation comes from a short called 'more' by Mark Osborne - see http://www.wired.com/news/print/0,1294,4 6983,00.html
To see the video: http://www.moreshort.com/moreless.htm

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