Wearing a helmet with horns is a really bad idea in any battle involving swords or axes. A helmet is designed to cause blows to glance off the head, deflecting them to a course tangental to the curve of the skull. Sticking a great big horn out the side of the helmet has just the opposite effect: it can deflect the blow to a course more perpendicular to the skull, thus increasing the likelihood of damage.

The Vikings were almost certainly too smart to go into battle with this sort of death-trap stuck to their heads.

I once had a baseball cap with horns. Two kids at school denounced me as a devil worshipper. I explained very patiently that they weren't Lucifer's horns--they were the horns of friendly and adorable cows. Then I sacrificed them to Our Lord and Master Satan, ha ha!

And yes, I accidentally popped a friend's eye out with it. Pesky foam horns!

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