Hair polish. You have to admit the name of this stuff sounds funny. What are we supposed to think? "Oh goody! I've been so worried about how I'm not spending enough money on my hair! This is just what I need!" When I first heard of it, I thought it sounded more like something you should put on a car.

But that was back when I had short hair. Just a little conditioner was all I needed until I let it grow out more. When my hair got longer sometimes it would just go totally out of control! Finally I found out a good hair polish can save you from a bad hair day. Sometimes I just don't have time to mess with it, but now I know it's there when I really need to look good.

So what is this stuff? Actually there's more than one kind, and sometimes it's just called a "shiner" instead of hair polish. Some of them are really light and can be used more than once a day if you need to. These just have some vitamins and some light oils like the natural oils in hair. This helps keep shine and moisture but it doesn't get greasy unless you use way too much of it. Some kinds use silicone based ingredients to get their shine, but they're still not as heavy as a leave-in conditioner. Plus there's usually something in it to keep split ends together. It doesn't have a lot of "hold" like a hairspray, it just makes your hair act healthy.

The only real problem is it can take a lot of time to use it right. Especially if your hair is curly, you don't want to just comb-in the hair polish. You get the best look if you put it on a little bit at a time and then wrap each little section of hair around your fingers instead of pulling it straight. It goes faster after you practice it a while, and the results are definitely worth it!

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