From their website (, Where anarchy and technology fuck):

"The goal of Hactivist is to bring together the efforts of the CDL and CIC under a larger front. United, our efforts can be more closely linked. Knowledge distribution and free space discussion are a requirement. It is our hope for hactivist to grow to a large enough size that it will serve as a container for all the collective DIY efforts of its members. Our revolution will not be streamed."

Hactivist means a number of things. Firstly, it is the website which serves as a voice for the members of the band Creation is Crucifixion and the Carbon Defense League as well as serving as a media distrubtion site for their various projects. Secondly, a hactivist is a person who has the goals of a traditional activist but uses technology and counter culture to reach those goals. For example, the CDL recently used freely able information on the net to write their own Gameboy game and produce the carts to contain that code (if you listen to them tell it, though, it sounds more like they did it all themselves with a paperclip and gum). This game is part of their philosophy that capitalist society has brainwashed adults to such an extent that they are unreachable and therefore only children are really viable as receivers of their message. Therefore, the guys purposefully targeted a medium which is sold mainly to 8-12 year old males in hopes that the groups ideas would influence them. Their other projects include cell phone and pager jammers as well as an interactive distributed mapping system which allows whoever (in their minds, however, squatters and radicals) to avoid the Man by collaboratively adding patrol routes or the like. They also publish several documents on topics that radicals would be interested in.

The band, Creation is Crucifixion, is pretty hard also, if you're into power grind metal death explosion flaming skull rock. They played two songs at the show I saw and then broke for 15 minutes while the lead singer told us about his group's various endeavours. They take their technology positive attitudes into their musical stylings also. One band member does nothing but filter samples played by a laptop through some sort of arcane mixer/pitch bender. Other examples of their pro-hacker ideals: they sell tshirts with ASCII skulls and perl on them, their van has a C++ sticker as well as a Linux is the shit sticker (but ironically, their laptop was running Windows) and they sell one tour single in mp3 format on a floppy.

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