The combination gymnasium, cafeteria, and auditorium that seemed to be a required inclusion in any 50s or 60s era public school. These rooms are the definition of multi-functional space. I don't know if they are common everywhere, but they were ubiquitous in the many school districts I attended as as a noder-to-be.

In the morning it serves as gymnasium. A few hundred kids running laps, jumping ropes, and playing dodgeball. By 11:00 the basketball nets at either end of the room were swung up and out of the way. Those long folding tables were rolled out and down into position, line after line, row after row. The doors to the locker rooms were closed and the serving line at the opposite end opened. A few hundred mouths were fed as teacher's aids rang little bells in a desperate attempt to quell the pandemonium. By 1:30 the tables had been cleaned and that heavily-waxed hardwood floor mopped (somewhat) clean. Around two some afternoons there would be an assembly. At the far end of room, opposite the serving line and between locker rooms was a small stage, maybe 30 feet wide and 15 feet deep. There might be a few dead hung curtains and overhead a few strips of rondels. Onstage, the entire school would be treated to Mrs. Hill's third grade class presenting their Thanksgiving play, or the fourth grade spelling bee. Later that night the same space might be used for a PTA meeting.

The next morning the tables were dutifully folded and rolled away. A dry mop was run over the floor just minutes before the sounds of squeaking sneakers running laps and jumping rope began to once again fill the air.

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