Groupuscule (rhymes with cutty stool) is a portmanteau of the French words groupe and corpuscule, meaning a small group within a larger political party. The usage appears to have originally been pejorative but is now owned with pride by those whom it was meant to deride. To wit:

According to the most reliable estimates, three hundred thousand people participated! The hour of the groupuscules had struck. Fittingly, one of the banners accompanying the demonstration sarcastically announced: "We Are A Groupuscule" (Nous Sommes un Groupuscule!)—yet this time, a groupuscule comprising hundreds of thousands.
From page 91 of Wind from the East: French Intellectuals, the Cultural Revolution, and the Legacy of the 1960s by Richard Wolin. There are also French books from the early part of the last century which used this word. Merriam-Webster lists 1969 as the first English usage of groupuscule.

If one wishes to speak derisively about the origins of the Occupy protests, one could use this word.

Also, this tumblr which made me think of you and you: everyone is a groupuscle.

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