It's truly fall and that tomato plant on the porch is dying, no question. But it's got all these little tomatoes that will never see the red side of the spectrum, and i've got time to spare.

Unfortunately, i don't have a cookbook or internet access, so i'll have to wing it if i want to make green tomato salsa, so i do.

green tomatoes, diced small
1 dried jalapeño (with seeds for hotter salsa), minced or crumbled
salt water
To take the edge off the tomatoes a little and to integrate the pepper, i boil them briefly in salt water, then let the thing set and cool while i chop
1/4 red onion (pick your favorite proportions)
1 ripe tomato (this was a small one)
Drain the green tomatoes and added these, mix the whole thing up and added a bit of cumin, coarse black pepper and coriander. And for the salsa purists: i didn't have any cilantro. But this tasted just fine after sitting in the fridge for a while.

Poor tomato plant. Now there is nothing protecting it from the wrath of thefez.

One interesting piece of information is that the green tomato one finds in Mexican sauces is actually a different variety from the red tomato.

The green tomato stays green and comes with a papery wrapping around it: in Mexico is called simply tomate, in the US it is known as tomatillo. In Europe it is not called at all, since it is unknown.
The tomato-that-eventually-turns-red is called jitomate, and it also used in making salsa (both cooked and raw).

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