Addiction is pretty simple to say what it is, you stay out of the whole thing about whether it’s just low character or it’s a disease or whatnot. Forget all that shit. This is addiction: you smoke, shoot, snort, eat, drink, do something that hurts you and you know it hurts you but you can’t stop. You just keep doing it. That’s addiction. So by that definition you can't be addicted to something that’s good for you, right? And see this is where shit gets complicated, because green ice is good for you. It’s so damn good for you. But you can't ever stop.

Green ice, or just green as most call it now, showed up in the hood about six months ago. Something like meth or crack but it’s not supposed to be either. Don’t even know if it’s like plant-based or just some new twist on Molly and I don’t care. I just know that something happens to you when you been using it long enough. Something good. Something that could change everything.

It started out real subtle. First thing was I noticed that my cell phone felt kinda slick. It just seemed to like slide out of my pocket more easy. And I didn’t even really realize that until it started jumping out of my pocket on its own. Or, okay, not entirely on its own. I mean, it was me doing it, but just by thinking about it. I remember I reached my hand for it a couple times and it like met me halfway. Thought I was trippin’ but my brother saw it too and he was totally straight. Green makes you able to move shit around with your mind. Telekinesis they call it. And that’s just the beginning.

Because see that’s just after a few weeks of using it that you can move stuff. Then after like two months, you can start to hear people’s thoughts. Not really clear at first. It’s like people talking in another room and you can just make out a word or two. But it gets clearer. A lot clearer. I mean, goddamn, can you even imagine what kind of spy you could be? And not just international stuff, but like corporate espionage. I can’t do it without being in the room with you, not yet, but I bet that changes too. Green is like totally a progression thing. It keeps giving you new gifts as the weeks go by, and pumping up the ones it already gave you.

So after four months I could close my eyes and picture the next room and tell you whatever was going on there. How many fingers am I holding up kind of stuff. And then we tried it on cell phones, like don’t even tell me where you are and I’ll tell you what color the house around the next corner is. Remote viewing they call that. Then you go around that corner and check it out and boom. I nailed it. That test was to sort of separate it all from the mind-reading stuff, and that whole experiment was my brother’s idea. He’s the brains in the family. And he’s still not doing green, by the way. He’s not into drugs and plus he says it makes him the “control,” which is a thing you have in serious experiments.

So a couple weeks ago my connect says that his boss needs more distributors and am I interested and it’s okay to use your own product, which is not usually the case. And I say hell, yeah, I’ll do it. I’ll sling green--and have my own steady supply. And so I do it, and I’m good at it. It’s pretty easy to convince people to buy stuff when you can hear their doubts and hopes. And then after one hit they’re hooked anyway. Because it’s like something between a crack high and Molly plus some heroin and it lets you down smooth. At first.

But a month ago there was an interruption in the supply line. Some of us, especially the guys dealing, had stashes squirreled away, but a lot of folks didn’t. And man, it got ugly. Because along with the usual type of withdrawal symptoms--sweats, cramps, nausea, can’t sleep, all that stuff--there’s another symptom. You die. Your skin wrinkles all up like you’re a hundred years old. Swear to God. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t scare the livin’ shit out of me. But there’s an instant cure for that fear and it’s just another hit of green. Calms everything down.

So my brother has this theory about green, that it was the CIA that brought it to the hood, the way they did with crack. They wanted the black man to totally destroy himself with crack cocaine, and he damn near did. So my bro said it was the same thing with green.

But that didn’t make sense to me, because green was giving us all this power. The power to change everything. And so I didn’t believe him until a couple of brothers we know got into a thing over this girl they both liked. And then one of ‘em had a heart attack. Seventeen and he died of a heart attack. And the other guy, he’s been doing green as long as anyone and I tried to listen inside his head, but he like blocked me. But I think he did it. Smoked that other guy. So maybe the CIA is doing it and maybe the power is too much to handle.

Or there’s one other possibility and I know it makes me sound like a total conspiracy nut just to say it. But maybe it’s aliens. So hold on, because I met with my connect again yesterday and he was in this hotel room and he was talking to his boss, who’s like way high up on the food chain, and I had to wait. So I sit there listening to them through the wall, just with my ears. And this guy, white guy’s voice, he’s talking about how they can’t kill people, it’s against the code, but they need the water and something else, so they have to wait and see what we do. And then the white guy says he’s outta there, and then my connect opens the door and he’s the only guy in there. And I look and there’s no fire escape and the bathroom door is open and maybe the dude went into the closet, but like, why? And there’s a smell of when a hair dryer overheats and pops its circuit breaker thing. Like electricity and burnt hair. And that’s some technology that the CIA doesn’t have, man. Transporters. That’s some alien shit.

And now I think my brother is kinda half right. That they gave us this shit so that we would destroy ourselves. Or not. It’s an invasion. And they need our planet but they can’t just take it, ’cause they don’t do that, they got like a moral code. But they can let us exterminate ourselves.

And so now I’m thinking how we can use green ice for good. And I’m walking home from picking up more supply today and I hear these two brothers on the corner thinking about how they gonna hold up a gas station and I reach into their heads and I show ’em how one of ’em ends up dead, they do that shit. And it feels like they’re seeing the future to them, but it’s just me. But I know they’re not going jack that gas station now. They’re gonna compare notes and figure like they had a vision.

We could win this thing. We could change everything if we’re smart enough. I’m just getting started.

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