because (of)

( ) No man is an island
( ) Some decisions have to be made faster than that
( ) Some decisions have to be made without all of the facts
( ) Some decisions are better made by experts
( ) Some decisions must not be made arbitrarily
( ) Solipsism
( ) You’re drunk
( ) Not everyone is good at learning new languages
( ) Some people are religious and you can’t change that
( ) Some people aren’t religious and you can’t change that
( ) The greater good is relative
( ) A community with geographic boundaries is indistinguishable from a state
( ) Geographic boundaries are not going away any time soon
( ) You can't make something go away by renaming it
( ) Rational actors discount long-term gains
( ) Not everyone is a young middle-class white person with time on their hands
( ) We don’t know that it’s a zero-sum game
( ) It is highly unlikely to be a zero-sum game
( ) Causality
( ) Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government
( ) Mortality
( ) People’s ability to affect others is roughly proportionate to their geographic proximity
( ) Horribly oppressive measures will be necessary to achieve the conditions under-which that would even be a possibility
( ) Some people aren’t interested in politics
( ) No-one meets a reasonable definition of infallibility
( ) Thermodynamics
( ) Computers are programmed by people
( ) Dunbar's Number
( ) Chaos theory
( ) Being better at violence does not correlate well with being better at government
( ) Wanting to have power is a poor qualification for wielding power
( ) The universe is oppressive
( ) That’s a coup, not a revolution
( ) Patriarchy is a thing
( ) We already have a non-violent process for that
( ) Scarcity
( ) People will not willingly give up integral aspects of their culture
( ) You can't restrict paramilitary revolutionary activities to leisure centres
( ) Even hunter gatherers divided labour
( ) We need to eat
( ) No one believes you
( ) That has been tried and has never worked
( ) Cows are not perfectly spherical
( ) In most states power is sufficiently distributed that assassination achieves nothing helpful
( ) Being chased from town to town by angry mobs will not achieve your aims
( ) Nihilism is either wrong or irrelevant
( ) These are not the days of Alfred the Great, you can’t just chop someone’s head off and blame it on the Vikings
( ) Someone will try to break even a perfect system
( ) Bad weather
( ) The same people will still be in charge
( ) The same classes of people will still be in charge
( ) There will still be inequalities of power
( ) Most people don’t care enough about that
( ) Your transitional stage will last generations and people will get frustrated and overthrow you
( ) Prominent individuals are not in fact lizards from the Draco constellation
( ) Scientology is bollocks
( ) Homeopathy is bollocks
( ) Astrology is bollocks
( ) Not everyone is convinced that you have been chosen or instructed by a god
( ) Global warming is a real thing
( ) Climate change is a real thing
( ) That’s just horribly oppressive
( ) People tend to discriminate in favour of their families
( ) Existing structural oppression
( ) Your moral absolutes are contradictory
( ) The last three centuries have seen a collective effort to ensure that no individual can amass the power needed to achieve the level of change you are talking about
( ) Travelling backwards in time is impractical
( ) Youtubers are not going to lead the revolution
( ) Human rights apply to heads of state and government officials
( ) Although it is self-consistent, arbitrarily deciding when to be arbitrary in your decisions is infuriating
( ) Individual institutions of state do not have as much power as you seem to think they do
( ) America will never agree to that
( ) China will never agree to that
( ) Google will never agree to that
( ) People are maddeningly attached to the idea of property
( ) No-one has that kind of time

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