Goatgrass, or Aegilops truncatus, is a plant native to Europe which is related to wheat. In California it is a noxious weed. Most of the grasses you see in California now are not native to the area. One of the most common invasives is Avena fatua which was introduced 200 years ago. For the most part, only bunchgrasses such as Nasella or Stipa are native to California grasslands.

goatgrass is noted for its large, detatchable seed heads which tend to get stuck in socks and clothing. They loosely resemble a goat head which is probably how the plant got its name. The plant is blue-green when young and a bright gold after going to seed. research on controlling this weed (and restoring bunchgrasses via Habitat Restoration) is being done at Quail Ridge reserve and many other areas.

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