Nasella is a species of bunchgrass which is native to many areas of California. It is charactarized by its large bunches a foot or so tall and wide, with wispy seed heads and leaves which stay green long after the invasive weeds like star thistle and Wild Oats have died. Once these grasses covered most of California, but now much of their habitat is taken up by other introduced plants. In some places, such as Quail Ridge, there are still pure stands of Nasella. The plant seems to have a symbiotic relationship with oak trees, as it is much more abundant under them than the non-natives.

Unlike the introduced, weedy ruderals, Nasella doesnt cover 100% of the ground where it grows. Instead, it leaves gaps between clumps, where wildflowers and other forbs can grow. These plants are resistant to fire and grazing as well.

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