The GNOME Libraries.

From time to time I write GUI programs with GTK+. And I'm totally cool with that. I do not code with gnome-libs. Why? Because gnome-libs, though it provides a few good things such as "stock pixmaps" and dialogs, is complete shit. Its object hierarchy, unlike that of GTK+, makes no sense. GTK+ has a common sense and flow to it; gnome-libs is all arbitrary garbage written atop GTK+. This is poor design.

Admittedly, I haven't looked too deep into the internals of gnome-libs, but I would not recommend it for simple GUI development. If you want a strong GUI, you're incredibly freaky on ease of use and consistancy, want to help bring Unix to the desktop and all that, then yeah, I guess gnome-libs would be the best choice.

The amount of software that depends on gnome-libs these days scares me. Where are all the people who code in straight up GTK+?

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