I was actually shocked that there was no node for "game plan." After all, the concept of a game plan is somewhat OCD. And here you are reading this on Everything, where to be anal retentive is to be ... an editor. :) Heheh.

But seriously, folks... "Game plan" is a concept far more valuable than the old-and-tired "X" and "O" football game plans. My favorite buddies / coworkers / relatives always have a game plan for whatever it is they're doing. My favorite game plan story is this:

So, Tony and Tim are technicians, and they're going gangbusters on a project from hell. Have they slept? Have they eaten? Who knows. Sure, they've taken Starcraft breaks a little too often, and I guess that the fact that they're way behind is probably their fault, but nonetheless, they're stressed out and not thinking too clearly.

Shooting from the hip, they install a new network wire center, and zap -- the entire floor goes down. With much embarrasment and with great consternation, they go and find their supervisor, who is reasonably good at troubleshooting. Immediately, he sees that they've done something silly, hooks everything back up, looks over his glasses at them, and says, "um, guys, what was the game plan here?"

Tim and Tony look at each other, startled. Then they look at their supervisor. They look back at each other. "No plan at all, huh?" says their supervisor. Everybody busts out laughing.

I think all was forgiven, but that was the last time that they cowboy'd something like that.

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