Swedish interjection.
Pronounced as fee with the lips forming a circle on the vowel like in the pronounciation of foo.

Used to express disgust, disapproval, strong rejection.
Often followed by any of the Devil's names, or by euphemisms for such names.

Examples of usage together with the Dark One's names or near-homonyms follow. Notice that, perhaps surprisingly for a secular country as Sweden, this is considered rather harsh language.

  • Fy fan! (Pr: fee fah-an. Meaning 'fie devil')
  • Fy fasen! (Pr: fee fah-sen. As above.)
  • Fy fanken! (Pr: fee fahn-ken. As above.)
  • Fy sjutton! (Pr: fee shoo-tt-on. Meaning 'fie seventeen')
  • Fy sjutziken! (Pr: fee shoot-tzee-ken. A variation of the above)
  • Fy Satan! (Pr: fee sah-tahn. Just what it looks like)
  • Fy Satana! (Pr: fee sah-tahn-ah. As above. This is often pronounced with a mock Finnish accent)
  • Fy farao! (Pr: fee fah-ra-o. Meaning 'fie Pharaoh')

Other variations. These are considered milder than the above, or even cutesy:
  • Fy Katten! (Pr: fee caht-ten. Meaning 'fie cat')
  • Fy bubblan! (Pr: fee buhb-lahn. Meaning 'fie bubble')

Fy (?), interj. [See Fie, interj.]

A word which expresses blame, dislike, disapprobation, abhorrence, or contempt. See Fie.


© Webster 1913.

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