A fruit-picker is a straight man who, for unknown reasons, once in a while has sex with other men. Fruit-pickers do not consider themselves gay or even bisexual; usually they think of themselves as completely heterosexual, but occasionally they go to gay bars and look for some fun, or accept fellatio from a male friend or acquaintance.

Some so-called fruit-pickers are actually bisexual or wish to be gay but still report themselves as heterosexual for social acceptance. But a true fruit-picker is by most definitions heterosexual, and simply enjoys most sexual activities, even if they are performed with other men. Fruit-pickers generally have high standards for good sex, and because other men know what sexual experiences are particularly pleasant, they often do a good job, better than most women, if the man involved is not put off by being pleasured by a man.

Obviously the term "fruit-picker" comes from the slang "fruit" for homosexual, usually used only for men, and "picker" insinuating that they only "pick" when hungry. Some homosexuals think that fruit-pickers are just denying latent homosexuality, but then again, some homosexuals think that everyone is gay and just in various stages of denial.

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