Freebords are amazing little pieces of machinery. They, at the outset, look little different than a regular skateboard or longboard, save for exaggerated size and longer-than average trucks. The difference, however, is apparent when one flips the board over. Freebords have an extra wheel (which is actually a spring-biased caster) on each truck that sits about a quarter of an inch lower than the wheels on the ends of the trucks, which causes the board to slide like a snowboard. The net effect is snowboarding down a dry-land hill.

The one thing that catches most people offguard when first trying to freebord is that the freebord is not a skateboard. You slide, carve, turn, catch an edge, and fall on your ass just like a snowboard. Trying to ride it like a longboard generally ends with a comical pratfall.

A 180 is the easiest (and generally first-learned) trick on a freeboard, after the basics such as learning to carve and slide. A good, gentle hill is all you need to learn.

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