A kind of portable, manually operated air pump, used to fill up bicycle tires. Traditional models, like the Silca Frame Pump, are designed to fit onto bicycle frames, usually along the top tube or seat tube.

Currently, not as common as before, as many now use the mountain bike-inspired pocket pumps, which are much smaller and lighter. However, they take longer to use and can not get to high a pressure as a frame pump.

The Silca Frame Pump, while light, is rather fragile, being made of mostly plastic. However, they come in many bicycle color-matching models. There are many models of pump heads, the very best being the much sought after steel Campagnolo-made one. All Silca frame pumps work only with Presta valves.

The most practical frame pump is the Zefal hpX model, which is much easier to use, and sturdier than the Silca, though somewhat heavier. Zefal hpX work with Presta or Schraeder valves.

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