For*sooth" (?), adv. [AS. forso[eth]; for, prep. + so[eth] sooth, truth. See For, prep., and Sooth.]

In truth; in fact; certainly; very well; -- formerly used as an expression of deference or respect, especially to woman; now used ironically or contemptuously.

A fit man, forsooth, to govern a realm! Hayward.

Our old English word forsooth has been changed for the French madam. Guardian.


© Webster 1913.

For*sooth", v. t.

To address respectfully with the term forsooth.


The captain of the "Charles" had forsoothed her, though he knew her well enough and she him. Pepys.


© Webster 1913.

For*sooth", n.

A person who used forsooth much; a very ceremonious and deferential person.


You sip so like a forsooth of the city. B. Jonson.


© Webster 1913.

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