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   I was born on March 19th 1984 in Mangere (Mangere⊆Manukau and Manukau⊆New Zealand). Being neither as smart as my older brother or as hardworking as my older sister I have struggled ever since to find my niche, a skill or accomplishment to justify my existance. If you see one, please tell me.

   Every few years a teacher who finds me difficult to silence will 'diagnose' me with ADD (or ADHD or whatever it's popular to call it at the time). A doctor will then proceed to tell them that I don't. I don't know or care if I have it, it's certainly not extreme enough to medicate (and if it was they would have to hold me down and inject me, I've read too much dystopian scifi to take behaviour modifying drugs willingly). I suspect that I'm just naturally lazy.

   Primarily a graphic artist rather than a writer I really have no Idea why I joined e2. I may eventually write a few nodes on The Gimp (despite using the windows version) or Cartooning despite my perrenial amatuer status (due to both lack of skill and drive).

   I try to program occaisionally. I know python,c++,brainfuck and I'm trying to learn Java at the same time that I'm trying to forget the vbscript I was taught at the course I'm at (I suspect it's Microsoft subsidised). I never progress far enough in a programming language to write anything worthwhile, another symptom of the chronic laziness that pervades everything I attempt.

   I honestly don't wallow in self pity as much as it seems here