It's that doll that you had as a child.  The one that always hangs in your memory.
A splinter of your past, lodged in the depths of your mind.
And the only reason you remember it is because one day, it suddenly dissappeared;
Never to be found again.

In that trek through the woods, it slipped from your hand and fell between the leaves.
It could have been lost when you moved out of that old house so many years ago.
Or maybe some heartless bastard stole it.
However it came to leave your clutching fingers, the image still smolders.

That acrid smell of loss.

The slightly too long, soft cloth body which fit perfectly in your fist.
The dangling legs, held only by a few stiches performed by a Chinese or American citizen, or a machine.
The flailing arms, always moving comically when shaken about; a gross approximation for personification.
Black, depthless eyes, unfathomable.  A quaint smile.  Spagetti hair.

Gone forever.  Lost in the mist of time.
Yet preserved, in the timeless ethereal construct of your mind.

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