An interstitial experiment of artifacts formed as a portmanteau of folk and electronica: folktronica is a genre that goes both ways, sampling back and forth between synths, live instruments and audio manipulation. Just as often instrumental as not, it is by nature an amorphous thing which defies easy attempts at classification.

Artists on the folktronica spectrum, as arranged in increasing order of folkiness and decreasing shades of electronica: Four Tet, Caribou/Manitoba, Bonobo, The Books, Mum, Grasscut, BV300, Tunng, Animal Collective. Folktronica is more about feeling instead of being, more good hooks that lock you in; folktronica is less about the convenience of not wearing braces.

It has all the majesty of butterflies emerging from their cocoons, and all the sounds of Aphex Twin so see it, believe it for yourself and Cast All Your Votes for Dancing before this bird has flown.

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