Fog giants are one of many varieties of fantasy monsters.

They stand between 20 and 30 feet tall with huge muscular arms and legs. They have white skin that blends in quite naturally with fog (which is how they got their name). Fog giants have incredibly long silver hair (although they grow no facial hair), and most fog giants live their entire lives without ever cutting it. They usually wear little in the way of clothing (from time to time they may wear very light armor, although they do not really need it).

These fog giants prefer to make their homes in areas of wilderness that are totally inaccessible to men, usually making their home in a cave (although houses are not unknown).. They spend much of their time hunting (hoofed animals are preferred), playing various boulder tossing games (a common pastime among many giant races), and searching for silver (the favorite metal of their race). A young giant must acquire a large silver item before he is allowed to take a mate (as a form of wedding ring), these young giants are often joined on their quests by friends and family members (as it is shameful to be unable to take a mate).

In combat, fog giants usually attack with thrown boulders, ornate carved clubs, and large swords (these swords also double as a cooking implement, the giants like to impale chunks of meat upon them, and roast them over the fire).

Individual fog giants may be either good or evil, so you should always beware when approaching a group. They usually do little business with humans, except to trade for liquor, silver, and baked goods.

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