A trademark of 3M for a line of specialty fluids, marketed as being good at transferring heat. This led to an experiment by a New Zealand overclocker which demonstrated that, yes, they're good at heat transfer, and no, they don't stay liquid when you pour liquid nitrogen onto them.

What 3M has to say about this stuff:
Fluorinert liquids have unique properties which are characteristic of their fully fluorinated (perfluorinated) structures and their resulting intermolecular forces. The liquids are clear, colorless, odorless, and non-flammable. They differ from one another primarily in boiling and pour points. Boiling points range from a nominal 30°C to 215°C. The pour points typically range from -25°C to -101°C.

All of the Fluorinert liquids possess high densities, low viscosities, low pour points, and low surface tensions. These properties make them outstanding heat transfer fluids. The electrical insulating characteristics of these fluorochemical fluids are excellent.


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