Flogging comes from simply spelling golf backwards, and if you are flogging you are pretty much playing backwards as well.

"With the way you're playing today, you might as well just aim for the tee box."

- My dad (thanks, jerk) =)

For golfers, a flog is an extremely terrible shot. Some of the funniest looking, and worst shots occur when the shot is hit way too fat, which means that way too much earth was hit, or if the shot is topped.

· Use small 9-tail whip or a riding crop is used,
· Make sure your partner is against the wall or below you to get good aim.
· Make sure a safe word is established beforehand
· Use your wrist more when your arm, otherwise you will get tired very fast
· Aim the tips of the whip or the riding crop as oppose to the whole length. You can get a whole new range of sensations by using the tips.
· And remember, have fun, pain is good on other people, that's what they are there for!

Flog"ging (?), a. & n.

from Flog, v. t.

Flogging chisel Mach., a large cold chisel, used in chipping castings. -- Flogging hammer, a small sledge hammer used for striking a flogging chisel.


© Webster 1913.

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