Method of playing guitar in which the player strikes individual notes on the fretboard. Using both hands, a skilled player can keep a steady bassline and melody.

Generally, one uses the left hand to tap out the bassline/rhythm part (on the lower frets), and the right hand to tap out the melody/lead part (on the higher frets).

Invented in the early seventies, the Chapman Stick is an instrument made specifically for fingertapping.

Probably the most popular guitarist to utilize fingertapping is Eddie Van Halen, not to mention Kirk Hammett of Metallica. Contrary to what some may believe, however, Eddie did not invent tapping, nor was he the first to make good use of it.

Though a spectacular guitarist, Eddie only uses fingertapping for his solos, whereas greats like Michael Bianco and Stanley Jordan use the style to create intricate harmonies, creating entire compositions that could be described as neo-classical.

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